AP 093 – Key success factors and productivity of department stores



Key success factors and productivity of department stores


Gegenstand: Investigation about the success factors of large scale retail enterprises with local branches exemplified by the department Store. Special attention is paid to the – performance impact of variations in sales area and labor intensity.

Art des Arbeitspapiers: Presentation of empirical research findings and deduction of managerial implications

Methode: Literature-aided argumentation and data evaluation by means of the LISREL causal analysis method and non-linear regression models (SPSS/NLR)



  • Empirical determination of the best suited strategic-thrust and ad hoc measures to enhance the deteriorating sales area productivity of department stores.
  • Identification of the key success factors of department stores.
  • Determining the extent to which success varies when the utilization of individual success factors fluctuates.


Zentrale Ergebnisse:

  •  A department store’s productivity dependsprimarily on 6 success factors, namely labour intensity, the size of the sales area, the quality of the location, intensive quality-oriented advertising, the quality of personal selling and the personne1 motivation. Of these, labour intensity and the scale of operations are by far the most important factors.
  • By increasing their actual labour intensity particularly in local branches above 12.000 sq.metres of sales area, department stores can significantly improve their contribution margins.


Zielgruppe: Top retail management /scientists/ students

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